What Is Rapper Wack 100’s Real Name and Net Worth 2022?

What Is Rapper Wack 100's Real Name, Relationship and Net Worth 2022?

Celebrity manager, music executive, and rapper Wack 100’s real name is Cash Jones.

Gone are the days when only singers or rappers used to take all the spotlight and rise to stardom.

With the current popularity of the music industry, many people also follow their favorite artists’ managers and business executives to know all the related details about them as quickly as possible. As the managers often post related news about the vocalists and work closely with the superstars, they have also become people of fans’ interest.

One of those executives is Wack 100. Besides working as a manager, he has also made a considerable name as a rapper and entrepreneur. He looks after famous artists such as Blueface, The Game, and Ray J.

In this article, we shift our focus from the mainstream superstars in music and discuss Wack 100 as we explore his real name, net worth, and other details.


Quick Facts On Wack 100

Real Name Cash Jones
Age 44
Net Worth $3 Million
Nationality American
Relationship Status Married
Wife Kimberly Jones
Children Prince Jones, Devyn Jones
Instagram @wack100
Twitter @Wack100



What Is Wack 100 Real Name?

Famous American music personality Wack 100’s real name is Cash Jones.


Wack 100 pictured at a party a few years ago
Wack 100 pictured at a party a few years ago ( Source : complex )


His Instagram account currently is under the name Dinero Jones, but that might be the latest change by the man. His Twitter account, which was last active in 2014, is under the title Cash Jones which might be his actual name before he started using a stage name.

Similarly, several online sources, such as Buzz South Africa, confirm the executive’s name as Cash. The reason behind his stage representation remains unknown as the man has not opened up about how he came up with it.

What Is Wack 100 Net Worth In 2022?

Wack 100 is a music executive with a net worth of $3 million in 2022, according to Bio Overview.

He has been active as a celebrity manager and music executive in the industry for over two decades and has worked his multiple big names. Similarly, Jones has also organized and co-hosted several events, thus generating good revenue for himself.

Sources also claim that the man has worked as a Piru Blood member. Besides them, Wack 100 has also established himself as a prominent executive in the entertainment industry. After learning about the sector in 1999, the man has built his reputation as a music producer and promoter besides being a manager.

Speaking about him, Complex reports that the executive has other ventures besides his current profession and highlights the man’s desire to fall back from music in the next two years.

With a decades-long career in the industry as a successful executive and manager, he must have a fortune in millions even though the official verification is still pending.

Wack 100 Wife And Family Details

Wack 100 has a lovely family, as the man lives with his wife, Kimberly Jones, and their two children.


Wack 100 with his wife, Kimberly Jones, and their kids
Wack 100 with his wife, Kimberly Jones, and their kids ( Source : twaql )


Kimberly is a music executive like her husband, but she also handles the business parts well. Besides being active as a business and life strategist, she is an entrepreneur and realtor.

While the details of their love life remain vague, sources claim that the couple has been together for almost three decades. In these years, they have supported each other and have grown together in their professional and personal life.

Wack 100 and his spouse, Kimberly, share two children; a son named Prince Jones and a daughter named Devyn Jones.


Facts To Know

What Is Wack 100’s real name?

Wack 100’s real name is Cash Jones per sources even though he uses Dinero Jones on Instagram.

How Old Is Wack 100?

The American music executive Wack 100 is 44 years old and he celebrates his birthday on April 7, 1978.

What Is Wack 100’s Net Worth?

Wack 100 has an estimated net worth of around $3 million according to Bio Overview.

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