Where Is Jeanine Lobell Now? Anthony Edwards Ex Wife Net Worth In 2022

Everything About Jeanine Lobell Now - What Is Anthony Edwards Ex Wife Net Worth In 2022

Stila founder and makeup artist Jeanine Lobell is back in the makeup business and has introduced a new makeup brand, Neen. 

It’s a cosmetic line introducing direct-to-consumer with 11 products, including eye shadow, shimmer, cheek, and lip, centered around a subscription model.

Her previous brand, Stila, achieved admiration practically overnight, with their “Kitten” eyeshadow turning into a must in every makeup bag and everyone demanding Lip Glaze in every color.


Where Is Jeanine Lobell Now?

Jeanine Lobell is known for Behind the Label (2004) and launching a new venture, Neen (her nickname). When Stila blew onto the beauty scene in 1994, it completely shattered the makeup world.

Jeanine founded Stila in 1994 and sold the Stila line to Estee Lauder in 1999.

Lobell’s Neen Beauty, a new makeup line and a online community service, takes advantage of her unique ability to recognize where the industry’s headed — and what the people (including Lobell herself) want these days.

But just because Neen accompanies the subscription model doesn’t mean consumers have to go it alone. For a fee, Neen will add a postcard with QR codes that launch the Neen app. From there, users can view makeup tutorials. 

Anthony Edwards’s Ex-Wife Net Worth In 2022

Jeanine Lobell, the ex-wife of Anthony Edwards, has an estimated net worth of approximately $9 million as of 2022. She left Los Angeles and moved to New York, where she researched fashion in-depth over the last couple of years.


Jeanine Lobell, was married to actor Anthony Edwards from 1994 to 2015
Jeanine Lobell, was married to actor Anthony Edwards from 1994 to 2015


She is a beauty industry veteran and makeup artist. Since she launched Stila cosmetics, she has collaborated with famous artists such as Mariah Carey, Wilson Phillips, Cate Blanchett, and Natalie Portman.

Her career was established as soon as she started doing music video makeup. Jeanine is also known for appearing in the ‘Behind The Label’ series.

Jeanine is a huge inspiration for all women. She is fully committed to her profession and it can be assured that her earnings will grow with time.


Jeanine Lobell Children Family And Biography

Jeanine Lobell and her ex-husband Andrew were blessed with four children. Among them, three are daughters, Esme, Wallis, and Poppy, and one is a son named Bailey.


Jeanine with her four children
Jeanine with her four children


When all their children were between the ages of 5 and 13, Lobell and Anthony took them on a vacation and trek worldwide, a getaway that lasted a whole year. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2015.

Although she rarely shows her era, Jeanine shows liveliness because she loves working and photographing kids. She states that she’s heard so much about kids, particularly her own, and exactly what they enjoy and demonstrate to a lineup.



Jeanine’s parents are from Queens, but she grew up in Sweden, and then she shifted to London. She always thought she would never have a regular job and wished to have her career as a makeup artist.

She has plenty of expertise: bringing about editorial substances, which can be very inspiring; working together with legendary individuals that make her appreciate her job much more.

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